Basra – safe and secure?

Basra is reasonable safe and secure. However, my bulit-proof vest is standing next to the front door and my private guards are standing outside the villa.

During the evening I may take a stroll along the Corniche or visit the city centre, but will never inform anyone in advance.

Outside the city it is save and/or dangerous.
This depending where you go and at what time.

Security roadblocks are everywhere and give a sense of war-zone, but the guards (police or soldiers) are always friendly. But only as long as you do exactly what they say.

So, in general you have to be a bit lunatic to start working here.
– Within a 40 minutes drive you can relax in the comform and luxury of Kuwayt, but without alcohol. provided you are allowed to cross the border.
– Only 1 hour it takes to fly to the UAE, where you can shop till you drop.

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